Full Name
Kyle Decker
Job Title
Manager of Data Science - Grid Inform
Speaker Bio
Kyle is a Manager of Data Science on the E Source Grid Inform team that delivers AI and Data Science solutions to support decision making in maintaining and operating the T&D side of the utility business. While at E Source, he has led and supported data science works to forecast weather-induced outages and the resulting outage restoration rates, quantify asset health for a myriad of critical power infrastructure components, identify and characterize infrastructure from aerial imagery and detect specific appliance usage profiles within AMI data (e.g., electric vehicle charging). Prior to joining E Source Data Science, Kyle was an Advanced Analytics Engineer at Corning Incorporated with a focus on applying computer vision and deep learning methods to multimodal imagery enabling improved detection of manufacturing defects. Kyle attained both a MS and BS degree in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University and University at Buffalo, respectively.
Kyle Decker