Full Name
Scott Robinson
Job Title
Director, Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure
Speaker Bio
Scott Robinson is a director in Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment. Within the Energy Analytics group, Scott provides modeling expertise and applies a range of cutting-edge techniques—including linear and non-linear optimization, geographic information systems (GIS), agent-based modeling, system dynamics, machine learning, Bayesian modeling, and econometrics—to challenges in the energy industry. Scott leads teams of developers delivering Guidehouse’s flagship models for enterprise deployment, regulatory support, research projects, and to support expert witness testimony. Scott has deep experience in complex simulations with multiple dimensions and uncertain parameters. He has worked with large electric utilities, energy companies, and government clients to address issues such as transmission and distribution system resilience, penetration of electric vehicles and distributed energy resources (DER), emissions reductions and lifecycle impact assessment, competitive market analysis, technology diffusion, and customer decision-making.
Scott Robinson