102: Let’s Get Real: Leveraging Technology to Close the Gap of Understanding
Date & Time
Thursday, October 14, 2021, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Josh Power Rebekah Eggers

We have smart meters, so we’re smart…right!?! Let’s be honest - Utilities have lots of data and every day there is a new statistic on how much data is generated. However, as highly available data is, it is not very well understood across organizations.  The opportunity is in unlocking the value that lies in the gap of understanding.

We will begin this session on how Oncor began their initial smart energy journey evolving to an optimized Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment.  The team will highlight successes along the way in understanding meter data from outage restoration, to event correlation, to improvements in SAIDI/SAIFI (System Average Interruption Duration Index/System Average Interruption Frequency Index), to incremental progress in tackling the nested outage challenge.

As information technology becomes increasingly integrated into the electric grid and deployed operational technologies age in the field, new practices, IT/OT technologies, and expertise is required to keep pace with and accelerate time to value.  Oncor is now pioneering modern techniques and technologies breaking new ground and leading the industry in innovation.  During this session we will unpack how Oncor embraced co-creation with IBM’s Technology Garage.  The team will share a systematic approach based on data virtualization and hybrid cloud to develop models over disparate data sets that can be applied to an array of use cases, including nested outages.

In the next generation of industry transition, electric utilities around the world are facing accelerating transformation of business models, customer expectations, and capabilities necessary to thrive and continue to deliver on the promise of reliable, affordable, safe and increasingly sustainable energy service.  We will conclude the session with a comparison of the maturity model domains from smart grid (2008) to clean electrification (2021) and the characteristics necessary to thrive in the next generation.

Join us to hear Oncor’s lessons learned and best practices from over 10 years of experience with meter data.

  • Insights on how Oncor planned and progressed their smart, self healing grid roadmap and is now embarking on a journey to take efficiency and reliability well beyond smart meters 
  • Lessons learned and best practices around understanding meter data
  • Co-creation methodology (from hypothesis to production) leveraging exponential technology to tackle any initiative.
  • Next generation characteristics of maturity levels and focus areas for success
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