301: Breaking down the Buzzwords and why they’re Essential to Success
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
Mark Drewes David Pope Rob Anash Jim Magnanini

As the demand for analytics grows across the Utility, so do the must-have analytic buzzwords. Phrases like Analytical Accountability, Analytical Orchestration, Analytical Governance, and Model Ops are often bandied about, but what do they really mean, and should we really care? The answer is yes, and this presentation will pair expectations with functionality. We’ll demonstrate how important platform flexibility is when it comes to managing models developed across multiple analytic languages, whether they be proprietary or Open Source.

We’ll discuss how automation can dramatically increase efficiency and model performance. We’ll show how to find the most effective model and ensure the monitoring and maintenance of that model for optimal accuracy once operationalized. Finally, we’ll illustrate how merging unique data sets with legacy data can support innovative uses cases.

Our goal is to bring the theoretical to the practical and provide some insights to improve the overall effectiveness of your analytics.

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