501: How Oncor Synchronized Disparate Data with Grid Echo
Date & Time
Friday, October 15, 2021, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Sal Mahdi Chris Herndon

To gain valuable insights in its operations, equipment performance, and customer behavior any Distribution utility will benefit from combining and synchronizing these disparate data sets. However, to avoid redundancy and silo-ed multiplication of efforts by focusing on specific use cases only, Oncor invested in an effort to produce a clean, synchronized, and comprehensive data scheme containing all relevant operational time series data sets to enable and accelerate higher order analytics use case development in operations, asset management and customer operations. Oncor’s combined and curated data set entailing all critical Distribution time series data was called ‘Grid Echo’TM.

This session discusses:

  • How to utilize connectivity models to tell the story of an outage in geospatial visualization environment as well as on schematic visualization
  • How to increase the visibility to distribution connectivity model data and various equipment parameters on a Geospatial visualization
  • How to create a self-service visualization platform that would allow management to review the state of the system, company’s response to an outage event and identify any missed opportunities