Erin Boyd, Senior Manager, Day Ahead and Real Time Operations – PG&E

As Senior Manager, Erin is ultimately responsible for ensuring these responsibilities are met. Additionally, Erin ensures compliance with numerous regulatory and contractual requirements, develops and promotes strategies for changing electric supply portfolio, promotes continuous improvement across the Day Ahead and Real Time teams to drive measurable improvements associated with reliability and affordability, maintains readiness for over-generation conditions due to changing portfolio mix and system dynamics, and oversee procedures, tools and training across the portfolio and with the CAISO to enable readiness to respond to system reliability conditions, integrates new resources and electric market changes consistent with CAISO rules and compliant with contractual terms, ensures continuity of business operations to ensure readiness for any emergency events, develops and manages performance of operational metrics, provides strategic input into long term energy planning, policy and procurement activities in support of continued reliability and affordability objectives, and collaborates with internal and external organizations in the development of new procurement initiatives or to address emerging issues.


William Clarke, Executive Director, Strategic Innovations & Analytics – The Energy Authority

As Executive Director of Strategic Innovation & Analytics for The Energy Authority, Mr. Clarke is responsible for leading a team of highly skilled analysts in an effort to identify complex challenges facing our clients in their respective markets and then finding innovative solutions to help them manage these uncertainties. Mr. Clarke and his team collaborate closely with TEA’s clients to improve the client’s operations, lower the costs to their customers, and manage risk.

Mr. Clarke also manages the development and application of models and analytical tools that evaluate the full range of physical, financial, and derivative energy products/transactions for TEA. His team of analysts are responsible for developing trading strategies and structuring products to optimize the portfolios of TEA’s Members and Clients. He oversees the daily activities of analysts and actively assists them in developing their skills and industry knowledge.

Mr. Clarke has over 40 years of experience in the energy industry, with extensive knowledge of strategic planning, financial planning, resource planning, transmission planning, and system operations. His expertise was critical for preparing TEA to enter into the RTO markets.  Prior to joining TEA, Mr. Clarke was Project Manager for the initial formation of the Midcontinent (formerly Midwest) ISO. Additionally, he was a highly sought-after consultant to a number of utilities throughout the Midwest regarding the costs and benefits of entering into an organized market.


Dr. Jian Hu, Lead Research Scientist – The Energy Authority

As Lead Research Scientist at The Energy Authority, Dr. Jian Hu focuses on exploring new frontiers of the energy industry. His primary interests are operational research, big data analytics, and machine learning.

As former Operational Research Scientist, Dr. Hu was chief architect and developer of TEA’s award-winning Slice optimization software. He is recognized as an Edelman Laureate and was an invited speaker at the 2016 Gurobi Workshop.

Prior to joining TEA, Dr. Hu held several R&D positions in the software industry. He has published over a dozen papers for major science conferences and journals, including the SIAM Journal on Computing, Algorithmica, Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) and ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD).

Dr. Hu earned a PhD in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.


Tim Hunt, Director of Customer & Utility Analytics – JEA

Since joining JEA in 1997, Tim has had but one job – combating entropy through information.  To do this he relies as much as possible on the scientific method.  This is his singular professional passion.  Tim also enjoys traveling with his wife, listening to jazz music and finding unique experiences.  He studied psychology and math at the University of Illinois, graduating with honors.


Randy Jones, Manager, CBM & Analytics – Southern Company

Randy has extensive experience in power plant Construction, Startup, Maintenance, Engineering, and Reliability Management at both the Plant and Fleet Levels.
He has led processes and initiatives around Maintenance Strategy, Work Identification, Condition Based Maintenance, Machinery Diagnostics, Data Analytics, Planning & Scheduling, Work Execution, Root Cause Analysis, and Continual Improvement, which have been key factors in achieving Southern Company’s reputation for high reliability.
He is active in multiple industry Reliability & Maintenance Management committees and forums.
Randy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University, is a Registered Professional Engineer, and a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional.


Vitha Krishnamurthy, Lead Business Intelligence – Enbridge Gas Distribution

Vitha Krishnamurthy is the Lead of Business Intelligence in the Business Development department of Enbridge Gas Distribution and Power based in Ontario, Canada.   Enbridge Gas Distribution and Power serves over 2.1 million customers in Ontario.

Vitha has been with Enbridge since 2006 holding various positions in   Information Systems Audit, System Replacement projects and Customer Care.  She and her team are currently working on promoting data driven decision making in the Demand Side Management initiatives.

Vitha believes and strives to deliver Business Intelligence through collaborative involvement of multiple stakeholders, leveraging on each other’s abilities and resources. She holds a MBA from Ryerson University, Toronto and Masters in Commerce from Maharaja Sayajirao University in India and is a Certified Public Accountant (Illinois Board).


Nicole Kurant, Lead Engineer Asset Management System Intelligence – Duke Energy

Nicole began her career with Duke Energy in 2008 as a Senior Engineer in the Relay Construction group. Since 2010 she has been working as a Lead Engineer in the Transmission Asset Management department as part of the System Intelligence group. She is responsible for leading the Transmission Health and Risk Management (HRM) initiative, establishing analytic methods and tools for the evaluation of asset health and system risk, optimizing maintenance programs, and turning asset and system data into actionable insights supporting the overall health and reliability of the Duke Transmission Grid. Nicole has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.


Gerardo Laborda, Manager of Business Analytics and Process Improvement – Orlando Utilities Commission

Gerardo Laborda has served as the Manager of Business Analytics and Process Improvement for OUC’s Customer Service department since 2017, he brought to OUC over 24 years of consulting experience and is helping the Commission to become a data driven organization and adopt the continuous improvement mindset. While he spends most of his time working within the Customer Service department improving business processes and providing access to data and analytics to the various areas, Gerardo is directly involved in many aspects of the organization beyond Customer Service, like the Center of Excellence for Process Improvement as well as the one for Data Analytics.

Jim Linn, Staff Executive – Customer Service and Technology – American Gas Association

Jim is the Staff Executive for the Customer Service Committee and the Technology Advisory Council for the American Gas Association.
In his capacity as Staff Executive for the Customer Service Committee Jim has a variety of responsibilities. The largest product of the committee is its annual Customer Service Conference and Exposition held each spring. The committee also sponsors an annual customer service benchmarking effort called DataSource. The benchmarking effort is completed by a best practices workshop in the fall. Finally, the committee provides an Uncollectibles Workshop and an SOS program. Jim is the AGA subject matter expert on customer service matters.
In his capacity as Staff Executive for the Technology Advisory Council Jim coordinates two meetings per year and serves as point of contact for the council’s SOS Porgram. Jim is the subject matter expert for technology matters. Jim is also the Managing Director, Information Technology for the American Gas Association (, and has been since 1998.


Tom Martin, Manager, Grid of Things – Pacific Gas & Electric

Tom Martin is the Manager of Pacific Gas & Electric’s Grid of Things team focused on using new technology and analytics to support the electrical grid as it integrates millions of smart meters, hundreds of thousands of solar rooftops, tens of thousands of electric vehicles, and all of the potential interconnected appliances and technologies in the home connect to PG&E’s power generation, monitoring, and delivery networks. Tom serves as a product manager and people leader to strategically align internal/external stakeholders and deliver new analytics and situational intelligence products for Pacific Gas & Electric. Previously, Tom was a member of theSmart Grid Program Management team at PG&E setting the strategy for PG&E’s Smart Grid portfolio of R&D projects and managing the newly created California EPIC program focused on funding new electricity system innovations through technology demonstration. Prior to coming to PG&E, Tom was an Electrical Engineer in Black& Veatch’s Federal Services Division. Tom holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Notre Dame.


Mike Smith, Principal Consultant – SAS

Mike is a 26-year veteran of the utility ‘smart grid’/IT/automation, information services and media business, and is currently the Utilities Principal Industry Consultant for SAS, where he is involved in client engagement, thought leadership, and business development activities to drive growth of the business unit.


Mike Thiede, Customer Experience Consultant – Alliant Energy

Mike Thiede is a Customer Experience Consultant with Alliant Energy. He was one of the founders of Power Thinkers, Alliant Energy’s online insight community. Mike’s experience throughout his career in actuarial and corporate research gives him an edge on knowing what is needed from each survey and how best to extract that from the insight community. He leads the design and programming of each activity and is able to turn an idea into an activity and the activity feedback into recommendations in just a few days. The efficient management of Power Thinkers is the reason Alliant Energy was rewarded with the 2016 North American Insight Community of the Year Award.


David Treichler, Director Business Development and Financial Modeling – Oncor Electric Delivery

David is the Director Business Development and Financial Modeling at Oncor Electric Delivery LLC. He has a diverse background with fifteen years management experience in Classified Intelligence, Defense and Aerospace. His current role is to lead Business Development efforts outside ERCOT and financial modeling for strategy and technology adoption.