Thomas Quinn

Marquette Energy Analytics
Managing Director

Tom is a co-founder and CEO of Marquette Energy Analytics, LLC, a newly-formed business spun out of Marquette University’s well-known GasDay Laboratory. He is also an adjunct associate professor in Marquette’s Computer Engineering program.

After a career as a software engineer, product development engineer, and software technologist Tom joined Marquette University’s GasDay to help bring its research results to market. Tom has managed Marquette’s business for over fifteen years, helping to establish its GasDay family of forecasting tools as a premier choice for utility-scale demand forecasting and analysis.
Marquette Energy Analytics was recently formed to support the growing applications for GasDay tools and methods applied to daily, hourly, and longer-term demand forecasting, as well as peak load forecasting under design day conditions. MEA continues its research-based mission to refine techniques for modeling and forecasting energy demand to accommodate all geographies, customer types, and time horizons.


October 25, 2018

1:45  -  2:45

Grand Cypress B

302: 1-in-N Year Weather Selection for Design Day Analysis

Local distribution companies (LDCs), like CenterPoint Energy, need to know how much gas their customers will demand on their design day, which for CenterPoint Energy is defined as the highest volume of gas it expects to use in a single day. LDCs must design their natural gas distribution systems as well as procure enough third … Continued

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