Phu Pham

Southern California Edison
Lead Engineer, DVVC Project Team

Phu Pham is the lead engineer for DVVC project team since 2017 as part of the Southern California Edison Distribution Engineering Automation (DEA) group, where he lead the DVVC team to the completion of the DVVC implementation schedule on approximately 50% of all distribution circuits across the territory. Prior to joining DEA in 2016, Phu Pham joined Distribution Field Engineering where he gained the knowledge of the distribution system.


October 25, 2018

11:00  -  11:45

Grand Cypress A

201: Distribution Volt-Var Control Analytics

In an effort to lower the average system voltage and reduce energy consumption across Southern California Edison distribution network, a patented designed central capacitor bank management algorithm was implemented at Southern California Edison. This session will provide an overview of how the team collected and processed information from automated radio-controlled distribution and SCADA-controlled substation capacitors, … Continued

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