Murali Parakat

Hydro One
Senior Forester

Murali Parakat is the Senior Forester with Hydro One’s vegetation management program for the past 8 years. He works in the Forestry work management division which looks at overall planning of the program. He has an undergrad degree in Electrical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli and and Master of Business Application ( MBA) from Schulich School of Business, Toronto, Canada. He also is PMP certified.

Murali Parakat has over 16 years of overall industry experience in Utility and telecommunication industry. Murali has been working with Hydro One for the past 10 years ( the last 8 years has been with vegetation management and 2 years with the Grid Control centre). Prior to that – Murali for working as a Technology consultant for Tata Consultancy Services from 1996-2005 where he was working for their Nortel Networks Client in mobile/CDMA technology.


October 25, 2018

09:30  -  10:30

Grand Cypress G

104: Hydro One’s Vegetation Management Transformation Through Analytics

Hydro One is going through a multi-pronged change in all areas of the business in how the vegetation management program will be run with a triple focus to improve reliability, customer experience and better cost management. All this transformation is being trigger by a renewed focus on analytics including new technology, new veg management approach … Continued

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