Marco LaForest

Hydro Quebec
Chief Customer Analytics Strategy

Marco Laforest is chief of customer analytics strategy for Hydro-Québec which serves 4 million customers in Québec, Canada.
Mr. Laforest has 20 years of experience in in customer service areas, including various roles in business process, planning, credit management for residential and C&I customers. He is responsible for the implementation of the smart metering operating center between 2014 and 2016.


October 24, 2018

1:30  -  4:00

Grand Cypress G

PC4: The Great Utility Merger 2.0: The Unification of Customer & Grid Operations

This workshop will present executive viewpoints and lessons from the field on the topic of distribution grid innovations. Today, with the advent of energy prosumers, two-way energy flows, microgrids, EV charging infrastructure and intelligent IoT devices, the line between grid and customer is blurred. Fortunately, utilities have an opportunity to embrace technology and innovative business … Continued

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