Kent Mathis

Manager, Utility Analytics

As Manager, Utility Analytics for JEA, Kent leads a multi-disciplined analytics team responsible for solving a variety of utility challenges involving interval load data (kWh & kW) and related customer data.  Current mix of analytics projects include: Transformer Load Management, Fraud Analytics, Abnormal Water Consumption, Detecting Broken Water Meters, Cost of Service Allocation Factors, Write-Off Analysis & Trending, UBR for Water/Electric, I/C NCP & CP Analysis, Rate Design Impact Analysis (structural winners/losers), Scorecard & Dashboard Development & Support, Data Completeness Metrics, Short-Term Water/Electric Forecasting, EE Program Evaluation and providing Public Data Requests Support.


October 25, 2018

9:30  -  10:30

Grand Cypress I

106: Charging Ahead with EV Analytics

Electric Vehicles (EVs) is a topic that touches all areas of the utility business – from IT, to forecasters, to grid operations, even customer engagement. Annual demand from EVs for electricity could exceed 400 TWh by 2035, creating the largest opportunity for new load growth in a generation. At the same time, EVs will pose … Continued

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