Erin Boyd

Pacific Gas & Electric
Senior Manager, Day Ahead and Real Time Operations

The Day Ahead and Real Time Operations team is responsible for the procurement and sales of electricity and ancillary services through 24/7 market operations to meet PG&E’s bundled electric customer demand in a reliable and economic manner. This includes overseeing the bidding, scheduling and dispatch communications for a diverse portfolio of approximately 20,000 MW of generation resources, including a significant amount of renewable energy. As Senior Manager, Erin is ultimately responsible for ensuring these responsibilities are met. Additionally, Erin ensures compliance with numerous regulatory and contractual requirements, develops and promotes strategies for changing electric supply portfolio, promotes continuous improvement across the Day Ahead and Real Time teams to drive measurable improvements associated with reliability and affordability, maintains readiness for over-generation conditions due to changing portfolio mix and system dynamics, and oversee procedures, tools and training across the portfolio and with the CAISO to enable readiness to respond to system reliability conditions, integrates new resources and electric market changes consistent with CAISO rules and compliant with contractual terms, ensures continuity of business operations to ensure readiness for any emergency events, develops and manages performance of operational metrics, provides strategic input into long term energy planning, policy and procurement activities in support of continued reliability and affordability objectives, and collaborates with internal and external organizations in the development of new procurement initiatives or to address emerging issues.