12:00  -  1:15

October 24, 2018

Grand Cypress ABC

UAI Member Lunch and Working Group Topic Roundtables

We invite all Utility Analytics Institute members to join  us for lunch and the opportunity to participate in UAI working group topic round table discussions.  These round table discussions will provide  a more personal and interactive setting for exploring key analytics strategies and challenges facing our UAI membership base.

Round table discussion topics include:

  • Grid Analytics and the Utility of the Future – The Utility of the Future means different things to different organizations. Discuss your utility’s vision for the Utility of the Future and how you are leveraging analytics to shape that vision.
  • Real-time Analytics – Find out how your peers are leveraging real-time grid analytics to address common utility pain points, as well as best practices and lessons learned.
  • Outage Management – Hurricanes. Blizzards. Wild fires. Heat waves. They all affect reliability. Learn how other utilities are capitalizing on analytics for reliability and outage management, and share your own experiences. Come ready to discuss and learn.
  • Predictive (aka Propensity) Models –  Imagine knowing what your customers want even before they do. Enter predictive customer analytics, a model that allows you to predict and influence customer behavior; streamline collection programs and marketing efforts; acquiring new customers more efficiently; and retaining customers more effectively. Predictive analytics can be applied across the customer lifecycle to positively impact customer experience, customer relationships, and your organization’s bottom line.
  • Understanding/Changing Consumer Behavior – Getting customers to understand, let alone change, their energy use and attitudes about energy efficiency can be challenging, but analytics can be used successfully to help broaden customers’ knowledge and change their perceptions.
  • Customer Segmentation – The Utility of the Future is one that is increasingly customer-centric. A large part of this customer focus is actually knowing who your customer is from their age and gender to their income level and everything in between.
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Data Analytics and Modeling – Utilities already have access to data and tools that they can use to begin deploying production analytics and generating insights that create value. These utilities are improving their ability to analyze data and understand their business by increasing accuracy in predicting equipment failures and power-outage durations to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Metrics Visualization – Gathering data on various metrics can allow utilities to create intuitive visualizations to communicate to management and customers; identify business impacts and opportunities; maximize resources; identify improvements; allocation of resources; etc.
  • Use of Emerging Technology in Predictive Analytics – The industry faces significant challenges from environmental challenges, changing attitudes among legislators and consumer expectations. Leveraging successful business models and technology that will address these issues while generating returns in times of uncertainty is a top priority for executives. Utilities are looking at how technology can reduce cost, drive efficiencies and enhance competitive advantage.
  • Analytics Self-Service – In the age of a digitally empowered consumer, technology (cloud, big data, IoT, mobile, etc.) is key to balancing the utility-customer relationship. Analytics self-service can help utilities engage and educate consumers through various high-quality value-added services.
  • Building the Business Case for Analytics Technology Investments – Utilities are increasingly pressured to step up their operational efficiency, improve customer service, and comply with government and environmental regulations – all while maintaining profitability. Building the business case for analytics technology investments requires buy-in from both the utility and its customers. Utilities can create a win-win for themselves and their customers by leveraging intuitive technologies and user-friendly platforms to free up operational processes and manpower.
  • Analytics Architecture/Technology Platforms – Advanced technologies are re-platforming the enterprise for easier, quicker and more flexible access to huge volumes of data. Join with peers to discuss your experiences with various platforms and learn from the lessons of others.

This event is open to UAI members only and you must be pre-registered to attend.