11:00  -  12:00

October 26, 2018

Grand Cypress DEF

General Session: Bring Yourself to Work

Session Category :  General Session 

Every employer has the right to expect its partners and employees to be FULLY PRESENT while performing their “roles.” Many people in the workforce ultimately ask themselves, WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? This talk stresses that in the workplace, as in life, INVESTING OF YOURSELF IS THE SAME AS INVESTING IN YOURSELF! Every service transaction is an opportunity to create a “Magic Moment” for both customer and employee. It’s easy to get caught up in details. Too many good employees and companies get so wrapped up in their TASKS that they forget what their JOB is. You get a daily matrix that can be used by any “Cast Member” to keep themselves focused on providing excellence to the moment at hand, and how to keep their “eye on the job.”