9:45  -  10:30

October 26, 2018

Grand Cypress C

603: ODIN: A Powerful Approach to Outage Data Communication

In November 1965, the Great Northeastern Blackout left over 30 million people in the dark. This single event led to the formation of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and it forever heightened interest in researching and understanding the interoperability of grid assets. In 2014, following its now decades-old tradition of innovation, EPRI embarked on a new journey to understand and resolve the interoperability of grid data, with the specific mission of facilitating the sharing of outage information across utilities, emergency responders, police, fire, governmental regulatory bodies, and products and service providers. In an unprecedented collaboration, the industry united to embrace standards, protocols, and leading practices in software development to realize the true potential the sharing of outage data can provide. The initiative is called the Outage Data Initiative (ODI) and is the byproduct of EPRI, utilities, and vendors uniting to provide near real-time sharing of outage data.