8:30  -  9:30

October 26, 2018

Grand Cypress C

503: Visualization to Real Action

Session Category :  Analytics Strategy 

Using and displaying data in a way that imparts knowledge can be an under rated task. Bar charts, pie charts and line graphs are consistently generated to explain the data but they only impart limited information and usually not much knowledge, however; they are always fun to look at. Many utilities are focused on analytics and displaying the data in simple, easily digested ways. The analytics approach should be redefined to create action and redirect the displays to become simple management tools for general awareness of accomplishments. The analytics developed will only truly become useful when the output creates work orders, generates assignments and assists with setting strategy. There needs to be a break from interactive graphics telling a story that has to be interpreted or translated into action. Actionable information is real progress but creating action directly is invaluable.