3:00  -  4:00

October 25, 2018

Grand Cypress C

403: Governing your Data

Session Category :  Analytics Strategy 

Exelon Utilities (EU) Business Intelligence Data Analytics program, is a multi-year effort aiming to transform EU by leveraging modern technologies and advanced analytics to provide new products that can range from enhanced reporting to predictive analytics, insights, and innovations.

In the heart of this program are additional foundational efforts that are focused in empowering our data practitioners to extract maximum value from our data assets. One of these efforts is our MetaData Management and Data Catalog, that combines best-in-class tools to create a ground-up governance model that aims to build trust in data, create “communities of practice”, and allow for the development of creative solutions, while maintaining the appropriate security and control.

Learn how to create a data governance model that ensures that data is trusted and is being used properly.