3:00  -  4:00

October 25, 2018

Grand Cypress A

401: Calculating SAIDI from AMI Data and the Progression from Raw Data to Usable Insight

Session Category :  Grid Operations 

SAIDI is an important metric used by all electric utilities and has historically been reported through customer calls and field workers. The outages may be recorded as longer or shorter than the actual duration due to delays in reporting lights-out events and restoration progress. Outage records may also erroneously include or exclude customers due to connectivity model discrepancies.

AMI data does not rely on user-labeled timestamps or a connectivity model and provides a more accurate outage record. Instead of user timestamps, the duration is calculated at the meter level from interval data. Also, instead of using the connectivity model to determine which customers had an outage event, the meter data is used to determine if the customer experienced an outage.

A robust understanding of the meter and a strong analytical platform are necessary to leverage the data for reporting. This presentation will follow Oncor Electric Delivery’s progression from raw data to usable insight into a more accurate SAIDI by leveraging AMI data.