1:45  -  2:45

October 25, 2018

Grand Cypress I

306: Rapid Response: How Outage Prediction Models Help Utilities get Power Back on Quickly

Just like we cannot control the weather, we cannot prevent outages. What we can do is control our level of preparedness. Like citizens, distribution network operators (DNOs) rely on warnings to make decisions. Erroneous levels of mobilizations in the wrong areas, unnecessary expenditure of resources, and slow restoration times can result in unnecessary costs, or worse, can leave you underprepared; affecting your customers and your operational efficiency. In this session, you will hear from NB Power about how they partner with The Weather Company, an IBM business, to streamline their decision-making process. Using predictive analytics, NB Power is able to deploy restoration crews where they are most likely to be needed before bad weather hits, giving their operations teams a head-start and keeping their customers safe.