1:45  -  2:45

October 25, 2018

Grand Cypress C

303: Flip the 80/20 Rule…How Data Analysts Can Spend More Time Analyzing and Less Time Wrangling

Session Category :  Analytics Strategy 

At the start of many Data Analytics projects, Analysts must embark on a digital scavenger hunt that can sometimes consume up to 80 percent of the project’s timeline. Instead of building models, analysts are searching for data sources, learning how to query data, moving data from one location to another, and fixing issues with data quality.

All these non-Analytical tasks represent significant barriers to people wanting to explore their data and results in, ultimately, making Data Analytics impractical for a lot of small-dollar decisions.

At Salt River Project (SRP), we are working to flip the numbers and have Analysts spend more time doing what they do best, Analytics!

Gary Scott, from SRP Data Management, and Mark Drewes, from SRP’s Analytics Center of Excellence, will discuss the components of SRP’s analytics environment, including a common information model, a robust data catalog, and a platform for Analytics, that is starting to remove the obstacles that Analysts used to face, making analytics more accessible to the enterprise.
Sessions attendees will learn about SRP’s mix of governance and tools that are lowering the hurdles to performing Analytics. Gary and Mark will describe a typical Analytics project before and after the new environment was implemented, the steps that SRP took to get started, and what the roadmap is for the future.