11:00  -  11:45

October 25, 2018

Grand Cypress A

201: Distribution Volt-Var Control Analytics

Session Category :  Grid Operations 

In an effort to lower the average system voltage and reduce energy consumption across Southern California Edison distribution network, a patented designed central capacitor bank management algorithm was implemented at Southern California Edison.

This session will provide an overview of how the team collected and processed information from automated radio-controlled distribution and SCADA-controlled substation capacitors, smart meters, and substation SCADA systems to analyze each substation and its feeders. The effort involved collecting data, creating system settings, and implementing settings, as well as developing metrics to evaluate the system. It will also examine the advanced analytics techniques used to correlate the trends with results such as Voltage, VAR, and other SCADA data.

These outcomes were presented in a dashboard to assist engineers in becoming more efficient in troubleshooting DVVC related complaints and issues through easily accessible data. The dashboard serves as a central hub that interprets and displays data and results in a meaningful and intuitive manner; allowing the project team the ability to identify key trends, correlations, and abnormal behavior in data.