09:30  -  10:30

October 25, 2018

Grand Cypress G

104: Hydro One’s Vegetation Management Transformation Through Analytics

Session Category :  Asset/WFM 

Hydro One is going through a multi-pronged change in all areas of the business in how the vegetation management program will be run with a triple focus to improve reliability, customer experience and better cost management. All this transformation is being trigger by a renewed focus on analytics including new technology, new veg management approach and better reliability/productivity metrics at all levels.

This presentation will take us through the a journey of Hydro One through to 2023 and will cover:

  • Current set of analytical tools that’s helping company through the vegetation management transformation
  • Benefits of this business transformation on company’s overall goals
  • Various facets of program management engine that’s working in tandem to achieve the challenging goal to improve reliability, better cost management and customer experience