Full Name
Kevin Quinlan
Job Title
Senior Data Scientist
Speaker Bio
Kevin Quinlan joined ESB, Ireland's largest utility, as a data scientist in 2015. Like so many others, once he finished Michael Lewis' Moneyball he was hooked - convinced that a world that could bring reason to the chaos of sport needed to be explored.
Kevin graduated from Business Information Systems in UCC and pursued a Higher Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics from NCI.

He joined ESB’s nascent data analytics department, seeing the team grow from imploring the business for opportunities to becoming a pillar of the ESB Net Zero 2040 strategy.

Kevin has delivered diverse AI/ML and analytics solutions to support multiple businesses from energy trading to generation to the rollout of 2.4m smart meters across Ireland, the latter awarded Best Use of RPA & Robotics at 2019 AI Ireland Awards. ESB can trace its roots back to the foundation of the Irish state, becoming an exemplar of traditional Irish organisation embracing analytics, winning Analytics Team of the Year at the 2022 Analytics Institute Awards.

Kevin hopes to be part of this growth and the merging of two key innovation trends; AI/ML and Greentech, and the prospect of that union making a massive contribution at home and abroad.
Kevin Quinlan