105: AMI 2.0 – The Potential of Next-Gen Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for Utilities
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Frank Hoss

Next Generation AMI, or AMI 2.0, is focused on creating business value through exponential technologies using AMI data. These exponential technologies such as cloud, 5G, edge computing, IoT, and AI, enable utilities to quickly analyze millions of available data points and deliver near-real-time decisions for energy consumption management and grid operations. Join us to hear from our speakers on the role and impact of these technologies on AMI and their journey to AMI 2.0.

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • How exponential technologies are contributing to making near-real-time smart energy decisions.
  • AMI 2.0 capabilities that are supporting future customer-facing and grid automation use cases.
  • Managing the complexity of systems integration to harvest data needed to support analytics decision-making.
Session Type
Breakout Session
Focus Area
Customer Analytics, Analytics Architecture & Technology, Grid Analytics
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