202: Moving Towards an 8760 TRM – Creating Time-Differentiated Savings Estimates
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Claude Godin

Time-differentiated energy savings estimates for utility sponsored energy efficiency programs are needed to reduce uncertainty in economic and operational impact analysis. Utility marginal costs are driven by demand, which can vary significantly by month, day type and hours of the day, necessitating more energy savings resolution. While utilities use rate class-level hourly loads in the planning and evaluation of market-based initiatives, indigenous sub-facility metered load shapes (i.e., end use load shapes) are expensive to acquire and not typically developed and maintained by most utilities.

The panel will discuss the need for, the development of, and the application of hourly savings load shapes to update the classical annual energy and peak demand reduction typically found in a Technical Reference Manual (TRM). These savings load shapes better reflect the true program savings, help inform program priorities, and allow improved tracking of overall program success.

  • 8760 TRM – What is it and why should I care
  • Enhanced program savings through better estimation
  • Forecasting and tracking the impacts of your programs

This presentation/discussion will be relevant to utility energy efficiency program implementation and evaluation staff, utility forecasters and those responsible for integrating the savings from energy efficiency and demand side management programs into a utility’s integrated resource plan.

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Breakout Session
Focus Area
Grid Analytics, Sustainability Analytics
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