Clockwork Solutions

Clockwork Solutions helps utilities and equipment manufacturers manage the real-world challenges of assuring asset availability while controlling the costs associated with maintenance. From generation to transmission and through to distribution, we provide the platform and services that provide high-fidelity and actionable predictive analytics solutions for Condition Based Maintenance, Predictive Health Maintenance, Lifecycle Management, Performance Based Logistics, along with Data Management & Quality.

Unlike other Analytics tools, Clockwork’s Advanced Analytics Platform is architected specifically to address the unique challenges surrounding complex physical assets. We leverage historical usage and maintenance data along with real-time sensor data to develop a predictive twin of your asset. We then apply a rich set of predictive analytic tools such as Machine Learning, Discrete Event Simulation and Neural Networking to determine optimal outcomes. This includes flexible What-if scenario editors to test hypotheses and visualization tools.

Clockwork helps you maximize asset availability, control costs, and optimize resources.